The overarching goal of these lessons is to foster kids' enjoyment of math and love for trying to figure out challenging problems. 

For a young child, this may be trying to estimate how to split a cookie in a way such that everyone is happy.

For an older student, this may be trying to illustrate the same proof algebraically and geometrically.

For everyone, it encourages a willingness to think in different ways, make mistakes, and find surprising connections between seemingly unrelated concepts.


Free Trial Lesson

If you are interested in setting up a free 30-minute trial lesson, please fill out some basic information about the student, contact info, and time availability in the form below.

You should receive a response by email within a couple of days.

Class Information 

Classes are run through the Zoom online meeting platform using video call and screen sharing. 

The cost is $30 per hour, but can be lowered in any cases of financial need. 

In a group of students, parents may split the cost among the participating families for a cost of $15 per student.