I have known Marie ever since she was a middle school student leading programs to help younger students learn to love math as much as she does. From that young age, she organized a team of students to lead creative play and hands-on learning activities that opened math pathways for others. Ever since, she has been a student mentor/champion in a number of STEM areas and students who work with her find her patient, positive, and insightful and her lessons extremely rewarding.

Claire Cocciole, Nation of Makers State Representative

Marie has taught our son and later our younger daughter for an amazing seven years. By formulating and communicating ideas clearly and simply, Marie touches on areas of math such as combinatorics and proofs that are usually not taught until much later in traditional math curricula. Her love of math and teaching is infectious, and she has been a terrific role model for both of our children.

Cheryl Sladkin Altschuler, Parent

In Math Circles children get together informally in small groups in the evenings to learn mathematics for intellectual pleasure.  Since age three, Marie has been at the center of this activity, learning as much math as possible from older students and adults. At age ten, Marie began teaching her own classes of very young children and has been teaching classes continuously ever since.  Though only a high school student, Marie is therefore something of an experienced expert in the field of math education and I have found conversations with her on math pedagogy to be fascinating and illuminating. 

Marie is even currently writing a book on teaching mathematics to young and curious children, offering advice and lesson plans for parents wishing to run their own math circle. I have taught advanced math classes to Marie for years and have been impressed with her flexible and creative approach to mathematical thinking.

William Rose, teacher at Montgomery Blair High School Magnet Program

Marie has been a joy to have in my Multivariable Calculus course.  She is hardworking, responsible, insightful, and takes clear pleasure in exploring and discussing math.

Jeremy Schwartz, teacher at Montgomery Blair High School Magnet Program

I have the pleasure of being professionally acquainted with Marie. She showed herself as a very mature and responsible person.

Anna Burago, founder of the Prime Factor Math Circle and author of the Mathematical Circle Diaries